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about me.

Hi! I'm Ashley, a front-end web developer currently based in Toronto.

I specialize in building user friendly, fun, and semantic websites that are highly intuitive and accessible.

My background in education and project management has refined my attention to detail, ability to communicate with and understand the needs of potential clients, and left me with a love for efficient and collaborative work flows.

When I'm not coding, you can find me cycling around the city, reading internet related things, or playing music with my friends.

screenshot of ode poetry home page with a search bar and button that says Go to Fridge


React / Firebase / SCSS / API

A react application that pays tribute to magnetic poetry. Uses the Datamuse API to source vocabulary words and uses firebase to store poem data.

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pocket pep talk.

HTML5 / CSS / jQuery

A pep talk generator for when you need a pick me up. Choose between three styles and download your pep talk to your computer or phone.

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screenshot of Pocket Pep Talk home page- blue background with an input for your name
screenshot of movie mapper home page - vintage camera with a search bar for a movie

movie mapper.

JavaScript / jQuery / API / Responsive / Gulp / Git / GitHub

Powered by the Movie Database API, users can find production country data and other information for movies. Also utilizes Leaflet, a JS mapping library.

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up with the times.

React / HTML / SCSS / Firebase / APIs

With help of the New York Times and Google Books APIs, browse current bestseller lists to find your next read. Features include a favourites bar linked to Firebase.

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screenshot of up with the times home page, background has a womans hand holding up a pile of books with an enter button.
screenshot of website home page, with an image of a hamburger

psd conversion.

HTML / CSS / Sass / Responsive

A fully responsive, pixel perfect conversion from a psd file.

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contact me.

In need of a web developer? Someone semi-hilarious to follow on twitter? Code for a hamburger menu? Here's where to find me/my jokes/my code and more: